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Only registered NIS breeders will have puppies registered with the NIS

For information on available puppies and planned litters use the contact information on the NIS Breeders page. The majority of our registered breeders have waiting lists for puppies. Anyone looking for a Northern Inuit puppy, please make sure that the breeder is registered with the Northern Inuit Society, the NIS is the only governing body for pure Northern Inuits. Unfortunately the NIS is aware that some unethical breeders are trying to pass off cross breeds as Northern Inuits (mostly likely from parents that are not fully health tested).  The NIS operates a strict Breeders’ Code of Ethics and all breeding dogs have to be fully health tested before being bred from.


The following breeders are advertising litters planned for 2018/19 and may have space on their lists (contact details for breeders can be found by clicking here for UK breeders and here for breeders outside the UK), please note that UK breeders also export puppies worldwide and international breeders may export outside of their country:

Alska (UK)

Chandrika (UK)

Kayantey (UK)

Lukoi (UK) 

Faolan (UK)

Mahlek (UK)

Mimiteh (UK)

Pawnee (UK)

Saoirse (UK)

Westcountry (UK)


Up-coming litters:


2017 NIS Litters:

 Kayleigh and Odin puppies at Chandrika


Chandrika Moonlight Express (Kayleigh) and Chandrika Silver Bells (Odin) welcomed 4 pups into the world on the 17th May. The litter was another even spilt for Chandrika as it was 2 boys and 2 girls and they are known as ‘The Gin Litter’.

The Gin litter


Mikka and Rubix puppies at Alska


Puppies arrived safely at Alska on the o7th May. Malhek Sweet as Sugar Candy (Mikka) and Ch Avatea Gold Ambition @ Chandrika (Rubix) had a total of 9 pups, 6 girls and 3 boys. This litter is known as the Dysney villain litter and have all found wonderful new homes with two hopefully entering the breeding program.




Saphira and Demios puppies at Mimiteh


Mimiteh are very pleased to announce two puppies have been born to dam Saphira (Mahlek Saphira at Mimiteh) and Sire Demios (Wild Fire Reborn) on the 8th February. The twins are a boy and girl with both hopefully going into the NIS breeding program pending health testing.



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