Exercise & Diet

Unlike some northern breeds Northern Inuits do not require excessive amounts of exercise and are generally described as a medium exercise dog. Two walks a day or one longer walk is often enough to satisfy a Northern Inuit. However, they are also quite happy to be out all day with their owners and many NIS members take their Northern Inuits hiking.

As they are a highly intelligent dog some of our members have trained their Northern Inuits to partake in sports such as agility, scootering and cani cross running with great success. As an intelligent and inquisitive breed they tend to thrive in taking up new activities.

Some Northern Inuits have sensitive stomachs and they tend to do best on raw diets or on good quality high protein kibble. As with all breeds they should not be fed food that is only suitable for human consumption, particularly food containing sugar which can be very detrimental to a dog’s health.



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