Danuta and her husband Kris have rescued and fostered several Northern Inuits, here is their story:


Our addiction started with 2  girls (not registered) who were a handful – no house training, destructive behaviour like we have never seen it and selective hearing that we all know too well can happen with NI who need training ….what a nightmare they were like puppies but big and naughty. They taught us to be patient, consistent and never give up. One of our girls became really ill and this is when we decided that we needed to adopt another one to keep our Echo company. This is how we found Talo by accident on Northern Inuit Society Facebook group. There was a really short deadline for him to move so we decided to take him in and contacted Northern Inuit Society Rescue.
We had been pre-warned that Talo came from quite an unstable and difficult environment and that he will be aggressive towards other dogs. Talo had been used as a stud dog and to start with he marked the whole house, tried to take the girls toys away and was generally misbehaved…so here we go again with starting from scratch with training. He was skinny and obviously had some hard times behind him.
At first Talo did not want to come to me at all, but he definitely liked Kris….and cuddles from anyone that will give it to him….Time has passed and Talo slowly but surely became laid back around other dogs, shared everything with the girls and is  a happy bunny that just loves to run after a ball and fetch. Dont get me wrong some things will never go away….like barking at other dogs on a walk, howling/whining when it is feeding time and trying to bring the house down when it is walkies time….but the best things come after a very long while….I waited 3-4 years before he finally started coming to me when I call him and wagging his tail for a cuddle. He is still Kriss’ boy but also when I go to bed he will go with me now. Those little things make you the happiest person in the world. At shows we can let him off to have a run with other dogs and I couldn’t be prouder!!!
Rewarding is the least we feel about our doggies and having rescued them!
And then was little Senna who we fostered…she is now over the rainbow bridge having passed away a couple of years ago and we hope she is happy there … She came to us in a horrifying state – skinny, poor condition and scared. Scared of everything: people, dogs, the house… we had to start all over again with her from house-training to teaching her how to be happy and she was slowly coming out of a shell. There was a lot of worrying if we were teaching her right, if she was ok and what else can be done. She was so fragile in so many ways. But she pulled through this and highs were definitely when she was running after a ball with Talo and having the biggest grin I have ever seen, and of course coming for a bit of a cuddle. Lows were seeing her so broken and terrified, in pain and itching all over. But it was so worth it ….Paul and Zeena  adopted her… and the time that she was with them was definitely the happiest of her life. It was heartbreaking to hear about her departure.
And then Nanook needed fostering so we asked if we could do this. There was a lot of skepticism about whether we could handle Nanook and Talo (considering Talos past and behaviour around other dogs) but…….. it was all to be fine. Of course we had some growls, biting and scruffs but eventually Talo accepted Nok (as we like to call Nanook) and they became best of friends till this day forming an alliance against The Monster Pup (aka Deimos our stunning red pup who was the last to join our pack). But we had to teach Nok and Talo to live together and Nok had not been very well socialised either.
With Nok’s arrival, Talo mellowed even more!
There was never any real problems with Nok, he was well behaved at home, had beautiful manners and was generally very well behaved. Unfortunately we had some hard and difficult times when we have found out that he needed to have very serious operation on his intestines. but he made it and is stronger than ever before. I think he is even the fittest of our lot. And he is just a big, cuddly puppy. The only thing we had to teach him is that it was ok to be touched …he didnt like this all and now you cannot keep him away.. beautifully natured.

Soooo. to summarise fostering or adopting is the best thing ever! Showing those lost souls that life is great and there is so many things they can do! It is the first wag of the tail when you are back home or the first time they come when you do the recall that brings little tears of joy to your eyes… you made someones life soooo very happy. We are so happy to have helped them along the way!

Danuta & Kris’ happy pack who all live happy fantastic lives together
Northern Inuit Society