Papplewick Show Results 23rd July 2017 (Sponsored by Akela)


Show judged by Tracie Mason and sponsored by Akela 80/20 dog food. Thank you to everyone who sponsored individual classes and congratulations to all the winners.

Northern Inuit Breed Classes:

Class 1 Minor Puppy sponsored by Jaws, Paws and Claws



1st Snowy Peaks Mountain Mayar @ Chandrika owned by Jackie Davidson
Pretty red puppy with lots to like, just loved this character with those lovely oval eyes. Super ear set well on, correct planes and proportionate to the body. Clean length of neck into well placed shoulder, straight topline into well bent rear quarters, well rounded croup. This baby presents lots of promise for one so young, with true movement coming to and fro: with that all natural reaching gait and drive from the side when settled, just would like a tad more coverage. Moved with such harmony with handler, will watch this pup with interest, well handled to win RBPIS

2nd WestCountry Fortune owned by Sally Ellis
Pretty 16 week girl showing lots of animation with her well set ears, just a tad bigger than first, but has time to grow into them! Inquisitive dark oval brown eyes set well into her mask, black nose with correct muzzle and scissor bite, very well pigmented. Shoulders well laid back into straight forelegs with plenty of knuckle left to grow into those neat feet. Rib down to elbow and fitting close, level topline, well bent stifles on let down hocks. Slate grey well marked coat with bushy tail down to hock. Such a baby on the move, but so well presented on the stack.

3rd WestCountry Lyons Whelp owned by Mary Roach
4th Pawnee Never Revel the Best of You owned by Jem Walker
5th WestCountry Sparrow owned by Ross Braund-Phillips

Class 2 Puppy sponsored by Chandrika NI



1st Mahlek Burning Love of Fireborn owned by Danni Dudek
Mature 7 ½ month Apricot that just oozed quality with that natural showmanship, simply caught my eye from start to finish. Classic foxy head, well pigmented, correct bite and tight lips. Adequate neck into well placed shoulder with ample foreleg angulation, down into straight oval boned legs with plenty more to come. Good ratios in height to length, super level topline into well angulated rear on well padded oval feet, being so foot sure on the move and in such harmony with the handler. I could take this one home with me, deserving my BPIS, well done.

2nd Mahlek Nightwish owned by Susann Siegert
Lovely grey and white dense jacket covers this stunning looking, 11 month baby. Bewitching dark eye set in super head planes gently tapering to her black nose and clean scissor bite. Clean neck down into ample fore, being slightly narrower than 1st but time is on her side to develop. Level topline into muscular thighs, stifle well bent on short hocks being perpendicular to the ground. Easy strides covering the ground well and enjoyed her day.

3rd Chandrika Braveheart Mallin owned by Suzanne McGregor

Class 3 Special Yearling sponsored by Otsoa NI


1st Chandrika Loch Glencoul handled by Johanna McGregor
20 month elegant, smart dark slate profile with tail set down to hock. Pleasing head with well set light brown eyes, ear set neat on domed head that tapered down into clean muzzle with dark nose and correct bite. light brown eye. Good front and rear angulations, showing super driving action going away and with great reach coming to, one who showed that she can work all day long in her dense well marked outer coat being soft underneath.

2nd Otsoa Secret Dreams owned by Nina Waugh
Medium sized typey outline. Nothing over exaggerated about the head, all nicely pigmentated, well lined brown eyes, ears set wide and erect. Clean neck flowed into correct topline and tailset. Slightly longer cast in loin than first, and not as bent in stifle, but moved with minimum effort with plenty of reach. This 21 month light grey has a lovely oiled coat, I just preferred the more outgoing personality of first today.

3rd Mahlek Chiqutita owned by Mary Roach
4th Chandrika Loch Lomond owned by CJ Anderson

Class 4a Novice Boys sponsored by Luettie Cavaliers



1st Wild Fireborn @ Fireborn owned by Danni Dudek
3 ½ yr old red substantial male. I just loved the handsome lively, expressive wolfy head, in good proportion to his well balanced body. Moderate muscular neck, strong and clean merging smoothly into well placed shoulder and straight front legs, which reached well coming to on the move. Point of shoulder to point of buttock slightly greater than height, in plenty of rib and bone. Well angulated quarters, just a tad hocky in the rear, although the bumpy ground and people in the background playing with dogs didn’t help.

2nd Mahlek Positive Vibration Owned by Scott McGregor
Such a handsome super marked dark grey coated dog with all his furnishings, and correct tail down to hock. His 2 year old masculine head is chiselled well with flat cheeks and slight stop in between those super light brown, inquisitive eyes, well set. Ample jaw with correct scissor bite and strong nostrils. Just would have preferred a longer leg on this well put together male, however everything else is in the right place, being solidly built. Moved in such harmony with his handler, showing that great rear action going away and in profile on well padded feet, very well presented.

3rd Avatea Chariots of Fire @ Amaruq owned by Barbara Banner

Class 4b Novice Girls sponsored by NIS



1st Chandrika Moonlight Eclipse owned by Jackie Davidson
Feminine 4yr old dainty lady with a keen expressive head. Inquisitive brown eye with good pigmentation throughout, tight muzzle with correct scissor bite. Silhouettes the breed standard in length to height, being well balanced throughout and moved effortlessly on tight feet. Super Grey dense coat with tail to hock with well feathered feet. Happy to award RBIS to this girl.

2nd Mimiteh Alsuid Sun-goddess Arinna handled by Danni Dudek
Pretty grey coated bitch with lots to like. Head in proportion to body, well pigmented light eye, correct ear set. Elegant neck into level topline and slightly sloping croup. In plenty of rib although a little wider in movement coming to but her well angulated hind action drove her around the ring with ease, handled well.

3rd Avatea Olympic Flame @ Amaruq owned by Barabra Banner

Class 7 Open sponsored by Otsoa NI



1st Mahlek Sweet Inspiration @ Chandrika owned by Jackie Davidson
Lots to like about this show stopping 4 year old elegant lady. Being so true to her breed type, confidently standing in that typical mid grey wolf double jacket. Her lovely black mask sets off those neat erect ears, that she animates so well with interest. Muzzle and skull equal in length with that slight stop in between. Super well angulated fore in plenty of straight bone down into flexible pastern on tight feet. Clean muscular neck flowed into her level topline, strong loins and muscular wide rump. Having correct sloping croup with tail to hocks, well let down. A pleasure to go over and award Best in Show as she covered the ground with such ease. Superbly presented, well done.

2nd Avatea Chariots of Fire owned by Barbara Banner
Substantial all male of 4 ½ yrs. Super dark brown inquisitive oval eyes. Good use of ears on his broad dome that tapers well down to his snow nose, strong jaw with correct scissor bite. Long muscular neck into well place shoulder. Topline not as smooth as first, but he moved well with purpose and drive on his strong feet. Standing in super heavy grey & white coat in such tune with his owner, well handled.

BEST IN SHOW – sponsored by WestCounty Fortune



Mahlek Sweet Inspiration @ Chandrika owned by Jackie Davidson

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – sponsored by Pawnee NI



Chandrika Moonlight Eclipse owned by Jackie Davidson

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – sponsored by Sunrise Wataha




Mahlek Burning Love of Fireborn owned by Danni Dudek

RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – sponsored by Jaws, Paws and Claws



Snowy Peaks Mountain Mayar @ Chandrika owned by Jackie Davidson

Members Classes

Class 8 Stud Dog sponsored by Lukoi NI



1st CH Avatea Gold Ambition @ Chandrika owned by Jackie Davidson
2nd Mahlek Bitter Sweet Symphony owned by Mary Roach
3rd Wild fire Reborn owned by Danni Dude

Class 9 Brood Bitch sponsored by Mahlek NI



1st Mahlek sweet Inspiration @ Chandrika owned by Jackie Davidson

Class 10 Breeder owner sponsored by Jaws, Paws and Claws



1st Chandrika moonlight Eclipse owned by Jackie Davidson
2nd West Country Lyons Whelp owned by Mary Roach

Class 11 Spayed and Neutered sponsored by Tara and Rohan



1st Otsoa Patience owned by Paula Cartledge
2nd Chandrika Midsummer Solstice owned by Jackie Davidson
3rd Otsoa Sweet Child of Mine handled by Tori Colluney
4th Avatea Chariots of Fire owned by Barbara Banner
5th Redfern Killgarrah handled by Sean Colluney

Class 12 Veteran sponsored by WestCountry NI



1st Olakhota Talo owned by Danni Dudek
2nd Tikaani Sunlight owned by Jem Walker
3rd Cara owned by Adrian Blackbourn

Class 13 New Handler sponsored by Fireborn NI


1st Westcountry Sparrow owned by Ross Brand-Phillips
2nd Westcountry Fortune owned by Sally Ellis
3rd Chandrika Loch Lomond owned by CJ Anderson
4th Mahlek Positive Vibration owned by Scott McGregor
5th Pawnee Never Revel the Best of You owned by Jem Walker

MEMBERS BEST IN SHOW – sponsored by Chandrika NI


Westcountry Sparrow owned by Ross Brand-Phillips

MEMBERS RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – sponsored by Fireborn NI



Olakhota Talo owned by Danni Dudek

Northern Inuit Society